Auto-complete orders in Lightspeed

"Complete When Paid" allows you to have orders auto-complete as soon as they are accepted in the POS, removing the need to manually ready and complete orders.

Enabling auto-complete

This feature is available on request only. Start a live chat below or drop us a line at if you'd like to have it enabled for your business. 

POS workflow 

  1. POS receives new order
  2. Order accepted and sent to printer or bump screen
  3. Order automatically moved to POS History
  4. Staff prepare the order using docket or bump screen

Automatically accept and print orders by enabling Pass-Thru Printing

Customer experience

When the order is accepted

Customers will see their confirmed fulfilment time once the order is accepted.

For ASAP pick-up and delivery orders, this will be based on your prep time and delivery time. Learn more about managing your prep time. 

For scheduled pick-up and delivery orders, the customer will simply see their requested pick-up or delivery time, which you confirmed when accepting the order. 

Once the fulfilment time arrives

The customer facing order status will automatically transition to the next status at the confirmed fulfilment time. 

For ASAP orders, the order will transition to "Ready" or "Out for delivery" and the customer will be notified via SMS (web orders) or push notification (app orders).

Notifications for orders being delivered by a partner will always be triggered by driver status updates, and will be sent via SMS by the delivery partner system.