Getting started with DoorDash Drive

DoorDash Drive allows you to leverage the DoorDash driver network and offer delivery to your customers without the hefty marketplace delivery fees.

Enable the DoorDash Drive integration

There's no need to create a DoorDash account, plus no subscriptions or lock-in contracts. Here's how to enable it:

  1. Go to Bopple Back Office
  2. Select Store Settings ➞ Integrations
  3. Select Enable and then confirm in the modal that follows

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 12.52.54 pm

Configure your delivery settings

Go to Bopple Back Office Store Settings ➞ Fulfilment ➞ Delivery

  1. Enable delivery
  2. Adjust your delivery radius (DoorDash Drive can deliver up to 10km)
  3. Set a minimum order amount for delivery (we recommend $25.00)
  4. Set your delivery fee (we recommend $10.00)

Go to Bopple Back Office Store Settings ➞ Fulfilment ➞ Timing & Scheduling

  1. Assign your prep time 
  2. Assign a delivery wait time
    • This is used for customer estimates, until a live driver ETA is provided by DoorDash

Advanced settings

To exclude certain parts of your menu from delivery (eg. Hot Drinks) see here

To limit what times of day delivery is availablesee here