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Introduction to Inventory management

Inventory is a powerful new feature in your Bopple Back Office that helps you better manage the availability of products and modifiers in your online menu. 

Why use it?

💰Eliminate order rejections and lost revenue.
Marking items as unavailable when stock is depleted is easier than ever. 

😀Keep customers happy and never miss sales.
Return items to your menu once you've got more on hand without lifting a finger.

How does it help you?

✅Quickly find and update items with search and filters

✅Bulk updates for maximum speed

✅ Automatic restocks so you never need to remember to update stock

✅ Stock counts to automatically countdown with every sale

Watch the demo

Get started with Inventory

  • Go to Bopple Back Office ➞ Menu ➞ Inventory
  • Learn 
  • Learn