Introduction to Inventory management

Inventory is a powerful new feature in your Bopple Back Office that helps you better manage the availability of products and modifiers in your online menu. 

Why use it?

💰Eliminate order rejections and lost revenue.
Marking items as unavailable when stock is depleted is easier than ever. 

😀Keep customers happy and never miss sales.
Return items to your menu once you've got more on hand without lifting a finger.

How does it help you?

✅Quickly find and update items with search and filters

✅Bulk updates for maximum speed

✅ Automatic restocks so you never need to remember to update stock

✅ Stock counts to automatically countdown with every sale

Watch the demo

Get started with Bopple Inventory

Using Lightspeed Kounta POS?

You may be interested in our integration with Lightspeed Product Availability on POS feature, which allows you to quickly mark items as sold out, and set sell limits on products in your POS. Synced to your online store in real-time.