What to do if an order is not received by your point-of-sale

A customer asks you where their order is or you receive an email alert about a new order with a problem, but you have not received the order in your POS. What next?


First step ➞ Does the order have a POS error?

When you first discover there is a customer order missing from your POS: 

  1. Open Bopple Orders Manager
  2. Select the NEW filter to see any newly submitted orders
  3. Locate the order using the customer name or their order code
  4. Check whether the order is shown in red with a POS error or not

Click here for orders with no POS error

Click here for orders with POS errors

POS error

Take action ➞ No error on order

✅ Bopple successfully captured the customer order and payment

✅ The order was sent to your Bopple Orders Manager

✅ Your POS platform successfully received the order from Bopple

💥 Your POS register is failing to receive the order from your POS platform

Immediately ➞ Basic POS checkup

  1. POS device is switched on and has sufficient power
  2. POS device is not screen locked or in sleep mode
  3. POS device is connected to the internet (make sure you can load web pages)
  4. POS application is open on screen (not using other apps)

Order still not received? ➞ Force sync or restart POS

  • Your POS app should have an option to "sync" in its menu.
  • If you can't find this option, you can simply quit the POS app and restart it. 
  • This will force the POS app to fetch new orders for your store that are sitting on the POS system's servers waiting for you to receive and action them.

Order still not received? ➞ Process order in Bopple Orders Manager

  1. In Bopple Orders Manager, locate the order with the customer name or order code
  2. Accept on the order so your customer knows their order will be prepared
  3. Once the order is prepared, progress it to the next status so that the customer knows their order is ready to pick-up or onboard for delivery.
  4. Contact Lightspeed support for further assistance in understanding why your POS device is not receiving orders from the POS platform

Using Lightspeed Kounta POS?

There is a known, ongoing issue impacting the Lightspeed Kounta POS app for iOS which prevents the app from properly syncing new online orders from the Lightspeed servers. Update all devices at your site using the steps outlined here: 

Lightspeed Kounta POS iOS websockets troubleshooting

If the problem persists, please contact Lightspeed support to request that they review your site connectivity. 

Take action ➞ Orders with POS errors

✅ Bopple successfully captured the customer order and payment

✅ The order was sent to your Bopple Orders Manager

💥 Your POS platform failed to receive the order from Bopple

💥 Your POS register cannot receive the order, as it does not exist in the POS platform

POS error

What to do?

  1. In Bopple Orders Manager, locate the order with the customer name or order code
  2. Accept on the order so your customer knows their order will be prepared
  3. You can attempt to re-submit the order to your POS by selecting I have an issue with this order Re-submit to POS (if the underlying cause is not fixed, this will fail)
  4. If re-submission fails, manage the order status in Orders Manager to keep the customer informed, and manually enter the order into your POS if you require a docket to prepare the order (process the order as paid, as the customer has paid online)

Follow up ➞ Understand and resolve POS errors

Your POS platform might respond with an error when a new order is submitted in a few different circumstances. Read below for a little more info on why these occur and what you can do to resolve them and prevent further errors. 

💥 POS menu setup errors 

Any case of your menu being out of sync, or if your online menu includes an unsupported or conflicting setup in your POS.

Solution: Bopple automatically triggers a menu import any time these errors occur, which typically will resolve the issue and prevent it from recurring. 

💥 POS platform outages 

Any failure or service interruption in your POS provider's infrastructure. These can cause problems with your online orders without having any noticeable impact on your use of the POS in-store. 

Solution: Our operations team will immediately flag these issues with your POS provider so they can be resolved as quickly as possible. 

💥 POS permissions errors 

If the admin user from your POS account that connected Bopple is removed or has their permissions downgraded, Bopple will lose permission to create new online orders in your point-of-sale.

Solution: You will need to re-authorise Bopple by re-connecting your POS in Bopple Back Office. This will need to be done by another user with admin permissions in your point-of-sale system. 

💥 POS tax errors [Square POS]

If you have more than one tax setup in your Square POS (eg. if you are incorrectly using an additional tax to apply a surcharge to orders you enter in your POS), new online orders will not be received in your Square POS. 

Solution: You will need to correct your tax setup in Square

For assistance with understanding and resolving POS errors please get in touch with our specialists. 

💬 Chat with a specialist using the chat option in the bottom right corner of our Help Centre. Our team is generally available between 8:30am-5:00pm Mon-Fri. 

✉️ Email help.bopple.com/contact

How orders are sent to your point-of-sale

Who does what

1️⃣ Bopple captures customer order and payment in your online store

2️⃣ Bopple creates the customer order on the servers of your POS system

3️⃣ Your POS system transmits the order from the POS servers to your POS register

If you don't receive an order in your point-of-sale

Assuming the customer successfully placed their order and payment, something has gone wrong in step 2️⃣ or 3️⃣ above. 

⚠️ Bopple POS integrations involve orders being sent from the Bopple servers to the servers of your POS platform. Once the order has been created in your POS platform, it is up to the POS system to transmit the order to your registers. Bopple does not communicate directly with your POS register or printers.