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Public Holiday Checklist

βœ…  How do I add surcharges or service fees to orders?

  • Go to Back Office
  • Select Store Setting
  • Select Fees
  • Select + Add Order Fee
    • Set Description to Service Fee
    • Set Fee Type to Fixed or Percentage
    • Set Order Type fee applies too
    • Set Value
    • Select Save

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βœ…  How do I adjust my hours for public holidays or closures?

By adding trading times in Special Dates, you dictate if your venue is completely closed that day, or you can enter restricted/adjusted open and closing times for the day. Once applied, your standard Trading hours will be overridden by the date-specific times added in Special dates.

  • Go to Back Office
  • Select Store Settings > Hours
  • Select Special dates
  • Select + Add special date
  • Enter a special name for the entry (eg. Christmas Day) and the date
  • To open on this special date, select the Closed option and then select Open
    • If you select Open you will need to enter your non-standard hours for that day
  • To close on this special date, leave the option as Closed.
  • Select Save

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βœ…  Create a holiday discount

When used at the checkout in-app, promo codes apply a discount to the total order value.

  • Go to Back Office
  • Select Discounts
  • Select + Promo Code
    • Enter Description
    • Enter Code
    • Enter Discount Type and Value

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βœ…  Notify your customers

Let your customers know that you are staying open or you’re closing for the holidays. Post on your social media channels and leverage your email database to reach out to your customers.

  • Go to Back Office
  • Navigate to Reports
  • Select Customer Mailout report in Customer Data
  • Input date range (eg. start of the month to the end of the month)
  • Click Run Report

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