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Refunding order in Lightspeed Kounta POS

All Bopple orders are prepaid. The process for refunding an order depends on the state of the order. 

It is important to note that refunds are not instant; it can take a few days for the funds to clear back into the customer's bank account.

New orders 

If the order is yet to be accepted, you can simply use the Reject option at the bottom of the order (next to Accept). This will prompt a refund back to the customer's payment card. 


Accepted & closed orders

Accepted orders can only be refunded once they have been marked as [Ready]/[Closed]. Once an order is closed, you can use the steps below to process a refund. 

  • Open the History section *
  • Locate the order using the date/time or the notes (customer name, 'Bopple', and the 4-character app order code will be shown in the notes)
  • Open the order
  • Tap the red [Refund Sale] button at the bottom of the order
  • In the main section of the screen, tap the orange [Refund Sale] button
  • In the modal that appears, tap the [Refund All] option **


* Note the default range on History is 7 days. If you need to refund an order older than 7 days, please adjust the date range being viewed and you will be able to locate the order. 
** Partial refunds are not possible. To reimburse for a portion of the order cost, please create a discount code for the customer (see here for specifics on setting up an apology/reimbursement code).