Delivery costs and billing with Uber Direct

Understand delivery charges and billing processes when using Uber Direct with Bopple.


Uber Direct provides a cost-effective way to deliver your orders and meet your customers’ expectations. 

Uber Direct will charge you for each delivery, consisting of:

  • A base fee of $10 (excluding GST) will be charged for each delivery.
  • A distance fee of $1.10 (excluding GST) will be charged per kilometre. This is based on the estimated distance between the pick-up location and drop-off location and includes partial kilometres on a prorated basis.

When you sign your Uber Direct agreement, you will be provided with a detailed breakdown of all fees and terms. 


Uber will bill you directly on a monthly basis for all delivery charges. 

As part of your onboarding, you will be set up with an Uber Direct Dashboard account. In your Uber Direct Dashboard you can: 

  • Add a credit or debit card for your monthly payments
  • View monthly statements
  • View delivery detail reports, showing itemised distances and costs for all deliveries

For more info, see Using the Uber Direct Dashboard

Switching from DoorDash Drive? With DoorDash Drive, Bopple deducts the DoorDash delivery charge as part of order payment processing and pays DoorDash on your behalf. With Uber Direct, only your Bopple platform fee and Stripe processing fees will be deducted on each order, with the rest settling to your Stripe account. Uber then bills you directly for your Uber Direct delivery charges. 

Covering your delivery costs

You're in full control of your margins. You can choose to bear the costs or pass them on to your customers using a delivery fee at checkout. You can set a fixed delivery fee for customers, or charge fees dynamically based on the delivery partner charge.

For more info see Charging delivery fees on customer orders

💡Recommendation: Enable the "Partner" delivery fee type and specify how much of the cost you would like to bear. We recommend covering $5 per delivery so that the fees you pass on to customers are not too high. 

What your customers pay VS what you pay

As outlined above, Uber will bill you directly each month for all delivery charges. This happens through the account you manage in the Uber Direct Dashboard. 

  • Customers pay the delivery fee you have configured via Store settings ➜ Fees on each delivery order that is placed. 
  • You pay the delivery charges applied by Uber, based on the driving distance from your store to the customer address. These charges are added to your Uber Direct invoice which paid monthly. 

The fees you charge to your customers help you offset the charges that Uber Direct will bill you for each month.