Gift Cards FAQs

Everything you need to know about promoting, selling and managing eGift Cards with your online store.

Haven't enabled Gift Cards yet?

Go to Bopple Back Office ➜ Store Settings ➜ Add-ons

  • Click Enable on the Gift Cards add-on
  • Confirm you are ready to start selling Gift Cards
  • That's it - you're good to go 🎁

This article covers:

How do I promote Gift Cards to drive sales?

Gift Cards can be purchased right from the top of your existing menu, so you can simply direct customers to your normal store URL when doing any promotions of your Gift Card offering. 

Make use of the other powerful tools in your Bopple platform to drive Gift Card sales!

How do customers buy, share and redeem Gift Cards?

Fully automated ✨ If you've been selling "gift cards" by manually adding products in your menu and manually creating discount codes when someone orders one, your life is about to get way easier! The Gift Card feature automates the entire process. 

Buying the Gift Card is simple:  

  • Open the Gift Card product at the top of your online menu
  • Select a value to add to the eGift Card ($10, $20, $50, $100 or $200)
  • Enter a preferred recipient (easily send to someone else, or to themselves)
  • Process payment for the order, and receive a digital receipt via email

Recipients receive everything they need, automatically: 

  • A new Gift Card code is generated behind the scenes with the purchased value assigned
  • The eGift Card is sent to the recipient email address
  • The eGift Card email includes the redemption code, a link to easily access your online store and the simple and clear Gift Card terms)

Redeeming the eGift Card is a breeze: 

  • Customers enter the code on checkout when ordering via your online store or in a Bopple-powered mobile app.
  • Can be redeemed all in one go, or used on multiple orders until the total eGift Card value is redeemed or the eGift Card expires (3 years after purchase)
  • If the eGift Card value is less than the value of the order, the customer simply pays the difference using their chosen payment method. 

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How are Gift Card payments and balances managed?

When an eGift Card is purchased: 

  • You receive payment immediately, straight into your store's Stripe account 
  • No added fees or charges for Gift Card sales (only your standard payment and commission fees, which you can optionally pass along to customers)
  • The value purchased will be added to your Gift Card Balances report in Bopple
  • The Gift Card purchase will not be sent to your integrated POS
  • You can access the sale via the Completed Orders section in your Bopple Orders Manager

When an eGift Card is redeemed as payment in an online order:

  • eGift Card can be redeemed only at the store from which it was purchased
  • Can be redeemed in part or in full to make purchases up to the remaining unspent value of the eGift Card.
  • The eGift Card will be applied to the order as if it is a discount, reflected on the order sent to your integrated POS, and in the payment settled to your Stripe account.
  • The value redeemed will be subtracted from your Gift Card Balances report in Bopple

When an eGift Card expires:

  • Any unspent value will be deducted from your Gift Card Balances report in Bopple

All eGift Cards automatically expire 3 years from the date of purchase. 

Other questions

Can Gift Cards be redeemed in-person, over the counter?

At the moment, Gift Cards purchased through your online store can only be redeemed on online orders that are placed via your online store or Bopple-powered mobile app. 

Are Gift Cards redeemable at any of my stores?

At the moment, Gift Cards are valid only when ordering online at the store/location they are purchased from. Leave feedback below if you'd like to see us add this functionality to Gift Cards.

Where can I see my total outstanding Gift Cards balance?

You can see a summary of all your active Gift Cards and the total balance of all Gift Cards in your Bopple Back Office via Reports ➞ Gift Card Balances

Can Gift Cards be topped up or transferred?

At the moment, they cannot be topped up or transferred. Leave feedback below if you'd like to see us add this functionality to Gift Cards.

Can I cancel or deactivate a Gift Card?

Please get in touch with us via the live chat here in our Help Centre and we'll do our best to assist. You'll need to provide the details of the Gift Card, including the Gift Card code. 

What do I do if a recipient doesn't receive their Gift Card via email?

Get in touch with us via the live chat here in our Help Centre. You'll need to provide the details of the original purchase, including the customer name, order ID and date.

Feedback, suggestions?
We'd love to hear what you think about the Gift Cards feature as we plan out improvements and additional functionality. Use the Make a suggestion option on the Dashboard in Bopple Back Office. 

If you have any questions about using the feature, please use the live chat option below to get in touch.