Why isn't Lightspeed Pass-Thru Printing working?

If you're having trouble with Lightspeed Pass-Thru Printing, follow these steps to identify and resolve the issue.

Open Bopple Orders Manager

Bopple Orders Manager will give you instant information on what might be causing your pass-thru printing to fail. The solution will vary depending on what you see in Orders Manager. 

1. Order has a POS error

👉 Go to Managing orders with POS errors

Orders with POS errors could not be received by your POS platform ("in the cloud") due to an error or outage in the POS system. These orders will not print. 

2. Order has a pass-thru failure

👉 Go to Resolving POS offline issues

These orders were successfully received by your POS platform ("in the cloud"), but pass-thru printing failed as your pass-thru register was offline or unavailable when the order was placed. Once your register is online, you will need to manually accept these orders to print them. 

3. Order doesn't have any errors or warnings

These orders were successfully created in your POS platform ("in the cloud"), and pass-thru printing should have worked as expected. If it did not, review the steps below.

👉 Is Pass-Thru Printing properly enabled?

This Lightspeed feature needs to be enabled in both Lightspeed and in Bopple

See Get started with Lightspeed Pass-Thru Printing

👉 Is your printer setup properly?

  • Printer is turned on and has paper
  • Printer door is properly closed
  • Printer is connected however it usually is

👉 Are your POS products assigned to the printer?

If you are using Lightspeed Production Printing (aka "Kitchen Printing") to control which products print and where, you must correctly assign your products to printers. For further assistance with your Lightspeed Production Printing setup, see the Lightspeed Help Centre

Go to Lightspeed Help Centre

Still need help with your Lightspeed printers?

Bopple does not control your printers. Seek further assistance from Lightspeed.

👉 Troubleshoot Lightspeed printing

👉 Contact Lightspeed support