Running your Uber Direct delivery service

Learn how to run a smooth delivery service from accepting orders all the way through to driver hand-off and customer delivery.

💡 Add driver pick-up instructions

Make sure your partner delivery pick-up experience is seamless by adding helpful instructions for partner drivers. Things like how to find your store, the best place to park, and what drivers should do once they arrive in-store. 

Learn moreAdding instructions for delivery drivers

✅ Accept new orders to request drivers

Deliveries are only requested with Uber Direct once you Accept the order in the Bopple Orders Manager or in your integrated point-of-sale. If an order is not marked as accepted or in-progress, it will not be sent to Uber and no drivers will be assigned. If you are using any auto-accept functionality, this will ensure drivers are requested.

Learn more about accepting orders ➜ Order management workflows

🕠 Understand how pick-ups are scheduled

  • ASAP deliveries ➜ Store pick-up time is requested based on the prep time you assign on each order. For example, if you accept an order at 6:00pm and your prep time is 20 mins, a driver pick-up will be requested for 6:20pm. The Uber Direct system will respond with an estimated pick-up time, which you'll see in the Bopple Orders Manager. 
  • Scheduled deliveries ➜ Customer drop-off time is requested using the delivery time selected by the customer. The Uber Direct system calculates the appropriate store pick-up time based on the delivery address and responds with an estimated pick-up time, which you'll see in the Bopple Orders Manager. 

If you use Order Limiting to manage your kitchen capacity, all of your delivery orders will be scheduled orders. 

⚡ Monitor driver arrivals for optimal prep time

It's important you and your team are monitoring driver arrival times in case of any changes so you can adapt and ensure the order is prepared right on time. 

Bopple Orders Manager shows real-time driver status and estimated arrival times throughout the delivery process. Always use Bopple Orders Manager to monitor your live deliveries. Open on the web, or download for iOS or Android

Uber Direct Dashboard also shows all the real-time driver status and arrival times, as well as giving you visibility on where the driver is on a map. Open on the web

POS, bump screens and dockets will only show a static estimated pick-up time which is assigned when the order is submitted to your store. This does not update in real-time, so should only be used as a rough guide. 

🆘 Get help with delivery hiccups

Customers can contact drivers directly during delivery, but may also contact you if they need assistance with their order. You have access to Uber Direct Merchant Support to escalate any delivery service issues.

Learn moreGet help with Uber Direct deliveries

Any delivery issues or requests for refunds need to be raised with Uber Direct. Bopple cannot adjust deliveries or refund delivery fees for you.