Order management workflows

Learn how to dial in your order management workflows to best suit your business. Whether you prefer complete automation or more manual control, there are options available for all setups.

Accepting orders

Even if you start preparing an order as soon as it is received, the order must be properly accepted to prevent bad customer experiences, avoidable cancellations and lost revenue. 

Setup type 👆 Manual (default) ⚡ Automation options
Lightspeed Kounta Accept orders in Lightspeed POS Enable Pass-Thru Printing to auto-accept and automatically print orders.
Square POS Mark in progress in Square POS

Enable Auto-Accept in Bopple


Enable Automatically Print New Orders in Square for automatic printing.

Accept orders in Orders Manager

Enable Auto-Accept in Bopple


Enable Auto-Print in Orders Manager for automatic printing.

Progressing orders

Updating orders as they progress is important to keep customers informed for timely pick-ups and successful delivery handovers. It also ensures you have a clear picture of your active orders during service, and aren't left with a POS full of orders that were picked up hours or days ago. 

Setup type 👆 Manual (default) ⚡ Automation options
Lightspeed Kounta Ready ➜ Mark complete in Lightspeed POS 

Enable Complete When Paid to send accepted orders straight to POS History and to automatically progress the customer-facing status. 


Enable Auto-Progress in Bopple to automatically update order status based on fulfilment times.

Square POS Mark ready ➜ Mark complete in Square POS Enable Auto-Progress in Bopple to automatically update order status based on fulfilment times.



Ready ➜ Complete in Orders Manager Enable Auto-Progress in Bopple to automatically update orders based on fulfilment times.

Extra info for Lightspeed integrated merchants

"Ready" vs "Complete" in Lightspeed

  • Lightspeed does not have a true concept of a "Ready" order status
  • When you mark an order "Ready" in the POS, Lightspeed sends us a "Complete" status update for the order. We have handling on our side to only progress the order status to "Ready" in the customer experience, to avoid confusion. 
  • When an order is marked "Complete" in the POS, this simply moves the order to your POS History. We do not receive any status change on the order at this time, as Lightspeed already sent us the "Complete" status when the order was marked "Ready"

"Completing" orders in Lightspeed

  • If you are not using the Complete When Paid automation to skip orders to the , you have other options within Lightspeed to control how you "complete" orders in the POS