Auto-accept new orders

Streamline your order management with automatic order acceptance, freeing up your staff to prioritise swift preparation for an exceptional customer experience.

Who is this for

You'll love this automated experience if you: 

⭐ Use our Square POS integration, or Bopple Orders Manager (non-integrated)

⭐ Want to save time by not needing to manually accept every order

⭐ Keep your prep times during service to ensure accurate estimates

Using Lightspeed Kounta? You can auto-accept orders and send them straight to production printers or bump screens using Lightspeed Pass-Thru Printing

Get started with Auto-accept

If you'd like to make use of this workflow setting, please get in touch with our specialists using the live chat option below or by emailing 

How it works

No surprises here. Auto-accept does what it says on the tin, as they say. 

  • Customer places new prepaid online order via your app or online menu
  • Order is automatically accepted (if using an integrated POS, auto-accept only applies if your POS platform successfully receives the order without POS errors)
  • Customer's order summary will show that the order has been confirmed and the order will move to the next status in your POS and Orders Manager.
  • You can then progress the order as normal using your POS or Orders Manager, or alternatively make use of our Auto-progress orders feature

Good to know

💥 POS errors: Auto-accept will not apply if there is a POS error. You'll receive an email alert and will need to action the order in Orders Manager. Learn more

⚠️ Keep your register online: Auto-accept applies as soon as the order is created in your POS platform "in the cloud". If your register is offline, it won't be able to receive auto-accepted orders from the POS platform. Learn more

Automatically printing dockets

We recommend pairing auto-accept with automatic docket printing, to ensure orders are sent straight to your prep area as soon as they are confirmed. Auto-accept does not control any printer behaviour. Depending on your setup, there are separate options available to enable automatic docket printing. 

Auto-print with Square POS

  • Go to: Square Register ➜ More ➜ Settings ➜ Hardware ➜ Printers 
  • Enable the “Automatically print new order tickets” setting
  • Learn more about printing dockets with Square

Auto-print with Bopple Orders Manager

  • Go to: Orders Manager ➜ Menu ➜ Settings ➜ Printer Settings
  • Enable the "Auto-Print" feature
  • Learn more about docket printing with Bopple Orders Manager

ℹ️ Docket printing with Bopple Orders Manager is only supported on Android tablets paired with an Epson TM-M30 via Bluetooth