What's new at Bopple?

We're releasing new updates, integrations and improvements all the time. Check out recent release wrap up below to stay up to date with what we've been working on.

December, 2023

Staff access and user roles

We’ve totally redesigned and improved the way that you manage users and access to your Bopple Back Office. We’ve added:

  • User invites at the store and company level
  • User permissions ie. Store admin, store manager and store staff*
  • And brand new store and company switcher - move between all of your Bopple locations with the one user login.

You’ll see it live already so go ahead and have a go! For more info check out our help centre:
Invite Users
User roles and access levels
Joining a business account

*store staff coming soon

Product Settings: Tag your products and more...

Feeling spicy? Using our new product settings you can add tags, flags, spiciness and a bunch more. This is just the start of a complete overhaul of our Back Office product management.

What can I change?

Product Flag
Highlight products to drive sales and enhance your customer experience. Choose from:

Dietary Tags
Show which products on your menu cater to dietary requirements and preferences. Over 20 new tags to add to your products such as Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Halal.

Spice Level
Mild, medium or hot!

You can check this out and more from the Bopple Back Office → Menu → Product Settings.

The Little Things

Small changes to make your life on Bopple easier.

  • Checkout error message improvements. More clear and obvious reasons for a order failure, making sure your customers know what they need to resolve to complete their order.
    Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 11.49.20
  • Back Office mobile responsiveness. We've improved the design consistency of Back Office when you're using your mobile device to make quick adjustments or save changes.
  • Domain Security. We've improved our email and domain security, authenticating emails against SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication protocols. This ensures that communication between Bopple venues and their customers is more secure, reliable, and trustworthy, reducing the risk of phishing and spam.



October, 2023

New mobile applications, now live.

We’ve rebuilt the Bopple app from the ground up for both iOS and Android mobile application users. 


It’s a beautiful app, but it’s beauty is more than skin deep. Previous functionality that previously wasn’t available in the app include:

  • Smart Upsells (more updates coming to this in the not so distant future 🤫)
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Advanced scheduling (future dated orders)
  • Menu filtering by order type
  • Product tags for popularity and stock status
  • Age verification prompts on menu + checkout
  • Drop-off instructions for delivery orders

Your store is listed on the Bopple marketplace so let your customers know about the app!

Menu's, made 4x better

You eat with your eyes - we've enhanced the product images for your storefront images by 400%. See for yourself.


Improved image compression for better, faster and sharper beautiful menus, like never before. This update is live now and requires no work from you. Just sit back and watch your beautiful product images do the work.

Auto-accept orders

Streamline your order management with automatic order acceptance, freeing up your staff to prioritise swift preparation for an exceptional customer experience.


Who is auto-accept for? Well, you will love this automated experience if you:

  • Use our Square POS integration, or Bopple Orders Manager (non-integrated)
  • Want to save time by not needing to manually accept every order
  • Keep your prep times during service to ensure accurate estimates

Get started with Auto-accept

If you'd like to make use of this workflow setting, please get in touch with our specialists using the live chat option at help.bopple.com or by emailing help@bopple.com.

Read more about the auto-accept feature here.

We recommend pairing auto-accept with automatic docket printing, to ensure orders are sent straight to your prep area as soon as they are confirmed.

Read more about auto-accepting on Square and the Orders manager here.