Using the Bopple Orders Manager

The Bopple Orders Manager is the application you can use to manage live orders and product availability. 

Accessing Orders Manager

You can use Bopple Orders Manager on any device. 

Managing orders

Receiving and accepting new orders
  • New orders will notify with a sound and a flashing screen
  • You can mark the order as accepted, optionally adjusting the order prep time
  • You can reject and refund the order if you're not able to fulfil it. Please note that all orders are prepaid, and refunds can take up to 3-5 days to clear. (1) (2)

Updating orders 

  • Delivery ➞ Dispatch order (notify customer)
  • Pick-up ➞ Ready for pick-up (notify customer)
  • Dine-in ➞ Serve order (also closes the dine-in order) (3)

Closing orders

  • Delivery ➞ Mark as delivered (customer can then leave feedback)
  • Pick-up ➞ Mark as collected (customer can then leave feedback) (4)