How should I promote table ordering in my venue?

Increase revenue and save on operational costs, with QR code table ordering. Allow your staff to focus on more meaningful interactions.

Enable dine-in

✨ Looking for branded QR table pucks? 

If you'd like to level up your dine-in experience, our team can design and produce custom branded QR table pucks for your venue. Order your pucks here!


Best practices when launching dine-in ordering

📸 Add product images and let your visual menu do the selling for you

  • Customers order with their eyes. Visual menus with beautiful product images are proven to drive more orders and higher spend per order. 
  • Our Smart Upsell feature will only suggest products with images. Add those product images and watch our AI-driven suggestions engine drive your average spend per order higher than ever before. 

🍺 Add your drinks and full dine-in menu

  • Keep customers happy and maximise the additional revenue that visual menus and QR ordering can provide by ensuring your full menu is available
  • If you want to sell certain products, like tap beer, cocktails etc for dine-in only, check out Create different menus for different order types
  • Add age verification prompts and other requirements when customers are ordering alcohol. See Manage online alcohol sales

👨‍🍳 Streamline service with Smart Batching for group table orders

  • Smart Batching intelligently combines orders from customers sitting together at the same table so you don't have to manage orders and dockets for every single guest. 

💁‍♀️ Integrate QR ordering into your service model

Make sure your team are up to speed on how the new ordering process benefits them and your customers. Depending on how you run your service, we've provided some guidance below based on what we have seen work well at other venues. 

Do you greet and seat groups when they arrive?
Try this script for seating guests. 

Welcome to {venue name}, please have a seat. 

You'll notice we've got QR codes on our tables as we've launched our new dine-in ordering experience. You can scan the QR code with the camera app on your phone to open our visual menu.

Our full menu is available including drinks and specials. Please browse the menu and place your order in your own time. We will do our best to serve your food and drinks together if you order around the same time.

We're still here if you have questions or would like a recommendation, so please let me know if I can be of any assistance. 

If you'd like to order more you can do so whenever you like! No need to wait for me or another member of the team to come and serve you!

Do you let guests seat themselves? Try these handy tips. 

  1. If a customer comes to the counter or bar to place their order, be sure to let them know they can save a bit of time by ordering through the QR code on their table.
  2. Make sure you have some eye catching custom branded QR table pucks. When customers seat themselves, they'll know what to do if they see your QR codes. 
  3. Our design team can also help with other branded in-store and table collateral, such as strut cards, inserts for napkin dispensers and so on. If you have an idea feel free to get in touch with our specialists to see what's possible.